Nothing is Finished until We Finish it!
Master level carpentry and finishing skill and customer care is our main focus.


Over 50 years in refinishing of all types of furniture!


Refinishing is the complete removal of a damaged finished that has lost its desired patina. Sometimes, when a piece has too much damage or has an undesirable appearance, a piece needs to be refinished. All removal and reapplication of finish is done with conscientious care by hand so as to ensure the piece does not suffer unnecessary modification.

Restoration experts in fine furniture and antiques!


We have been providing furniture restoration services in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 50 years. We specialize in the care and restoration of antique furniture. Whether you have a large dining room set, an antique headboard or a unique antique that has been in your family for years, our furniture restoration experts will make it look like new.

Cabinet refinishing experts from kitchens to bathrooms!


Changing your kitchen cabinets can update your kitchen and bath's look and add value to your home. We provide several different types of cabinets and counter tops for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office, or media wall. Thinking of something distinctive for your home? We offer unique design ideas and customizations for your ‘one of a kind’ project.


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